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do'du® cocktail

The Do'du® company occupies a modern building, with access to DN2, Sos. Bucuresti-Urziceni, km 11, Afumati commune, Ilfov county, 800 sq m in area, of which 600 sq m are used as a production hall and as a warehouse, and 200 sq m as offices, for the logistic function.


As far as technology is concerned, we have modern production lines, at European standards, able to ensure a balance between demand and offer.


The production capacity, per finite product per one section (for ex., Bloody Mary) is 2,000 glasses/hour. The company ensures a workflow of 21 hours/day for every section.


We believe that we chose the highest quality raw materials available on the domestic and international market, so that our natural juices such as: tomato juice, apple juice, orange juice, apricot juice, cherry juice, carrot juice, sour cherry juice, celery juice, grapes juice, berry juice - may meet the highest quality standards... and, in the mix with alcohol, such as: vodka, campari, gin, rum, brandy, curacao, absinth - may present the consumer with the best quality/price ratio.


We paid a lot of attention to construction materials for making the compartmented glass so that its series production may have a positive effect on the consumer, being useful, efficient, for an affordable price, but still of high quality.We used some food polymers in the composition of material so that the do'du® compartmented recipient may be different from other similar recipients, being clear, transparent, shining day and night, so that to be recognized by anyone, any time... anywhere.


As regards the design of the recipient, we conceived it so that our product be attractive, pleasing any consumer, whatever their age or gender.


We considered carefully its shape, size, color - and we did not feel completely satisfied. Thus, we redesigned the recipient, introducing a cone within, through whose section a light beam crosses its volume, lighting it in colors depending on its content - starting from constant lighting, slow flashing, rapid flashing, easily controlled by means of an on/off button, placed in the lower part of the recipient.


Although our recipient is made of 10 components, as a whole, this "GLASS" is disposable.


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