do'du® cocktail

In the urban dictionary, cocktail means a beverage that suits anyone.


Elegant for ladies, practical for men, cooling and colored, a cocktail is a perfect combination of alcohol and any other ingredient meant to caress your senses.


Like a story that could be always rewritten or changed, the cocktail is one of the finest and most consumed beverage in the world exactly because its recipe may be changed and rewritten, its presentation makes room for imagination and creativity, meant to surprise and gratify your senses.


Starting from now on your favorite beverage may have the same taste, wherever you drink it.

Bartenders are no longer able to change even classic recipes or ingredients, because now you are perfectly aware of the rainbow of aromas and alcohol you should have in your exclusivist glass, given that do'du® makes available the new cocktail to you.


do'du® has not invented the cocktail, actually it is impossible to determine the exact moment when the cocktail was born, but it rewrites its story, in an exclusivist glass, refreshes recipes collected from all the over the world, created by the best bartenders, and welcomes you with the finest of these recipes, in a new and intriguing form, exactly where you would like to taste a refined cocktail.


Our intention was to harmoniously complete the pleasant taste by the glass design. Therefore, based on a technology approved by specialists, the do'du®cocktail product is the end result of a long research of both form and content, consisting of making a compartmented recipient, meant to store simultaneously but separately three liquids..., a recipient of a novel design, intertwined with the light beam, the straw, the lid, the glass stand..., a multitude of structural components, made with just one purpose in mind:


... that you may recognize this product, anywhere... any time... anyway...


7 reasons for choosing do'du® cocktail

It is a novel concept,created especially for you!

Excellent quality, in any mix!

Its price is low, also for you!

It may be served by him, but also by her!

Gives you a caress your senses ambient light and the flavor!

You may serve it anywhere, any time, with anyone you like!

Your friends have already had it!

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